Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Havisham Corners -- Home of the Weird, Creepy and Insanely Creative

Welcome to Havisham Corners -- it is where I have spent a large amount of time over the last few months and promises to be my home away from home over the next two months. No, I'm not relocating or taking an extended vacation and I am not going to some weird Charles Dickens fantasy camp (which would be quite the fantasy camp. Fantasy camp for the seriously depressed maybe???). Havisham Corners is the town my writing group will be exploring and creating for our third annual anthology. The reason I will be spending so much time there is that I am the editor of said anthology as well as a contributing author.

Before I get into the anthology itself, let me first talk about my fellow residents -- the contributing authors and co-creators of the town. I am not exaggerating when I say that they are insanely creative. I approached the group with my idea a few months back for a shared world in which we could all write. I came up with the basics -- town name, location, story behind the town and a mostly blank map. I gave my presentation, my palms slightly sweaty, and sat back, waiting for the reactions. To say that they were excited is an understatement. Within a few weeks, the group had effectively made this small, eccentric town come to life with stories and myths and an eagerness to put this town on the map -- and I mean that as literally as I can given that it is indeed a fictitious town...a fictitious town with its own website that is. All I can say is that my cohorts in the Creative Minds Collective rock! I am so eager to read all of the finished works and put this anthology together!

So, on to Havisham Corners! Havisham Corners is a small, ocean side town in New England. Brimming with history, the town is a tourist mecca for all those interested in salty sea air, antiques and rustic old town charm. So stop by, peruse the shops, and soak in the rich atmosphere, but be sure to leave by sundown. As the stories in the book will tell you, life after sundown in Havisham Corners is not for the faint of heart and definitely not for the tourists. Anything that can go bump in the night can and does in this haven for the eerie.

So...are you intrigued? Want to read more? Be sure to catch the 3rd volume of the Creative Mind's Collective anthology, available in mid-October on Amazon. More details to follow!