Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Kickstart a New Anthology!

A few months ago, my husband began explaining to me a new trend in the video game world.  Kickstarter.  He said individuals who wanted to create a game would take to the internets and raise money for their project.  The movement seemed to be gaining steam even to the point that one of his favorite game creators was doing his own Kickstarter project.  I found the phenomenon to be fascinating.

I learned about a week ago that I am way behind the times and that this phenomenon was not new, nor just limited to video games.  I opened up my email and was pleased to find a much coveted acceptance in my inbox from Gothic City Press.  The acceptance is for an upcoming anthology titled, "Con(viction) -- Anthology of the Con."  "Con(viction) -- Anthology of the Con" is a Kickstarter project and I am very excited to be apart of it.

So click on the link below and check it out.  Give $1.  Give $100.  Or, just read what the anthology is all about and get really excited for its release.  My story, "Decisions, Decisions," will be included along with the stories of a number of talented authors.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Toasted Cake Podcast

Just wanted to provide the link to my next story.  It's my first podcast! Thank you to Tina Connolly at Toasted Cake for doing an awesome job.  It sounds just the same as it did in my head when I was writing it.

Anyway, click on over and check it out.  It's easy, it's short and, best of all it's free!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Short Story Writing vs. Novel Editing -- The Eternal Battle

And the final consensus was(drum roll please)...not to NaNo.  A week long vacation and a large number of submission responses combined with a backlog of editing culminated in the final decision of skipping NaNoWriMo this year.  I'll miss doing it but with all that's going on, I'd never be able to maintain a healthy word count.  But good luck to all those who are NaNo'ing!

So now that my November has opened up, I have a decision to make -- write more short stories or edit?  My vacation to the the gulf has given me a ton of fodder for new short stories.  An interesting ride on a nighttime trolley with inebriated party goers, an airport with a futuristic tram that transports you from the terminal to the baggage claim and many, many interesting people are keeping my brain a-buzzing with story potential.  All of that combined with an unprecedented number of acceptances this week (4 in 1 week!  It's a record!) have left my short story bank a little anemic and in need of new tales to submit.  But what of the novels?

If I submerge myself in short story writing, the novels that need editing and the one in my head begging me to write it will be left in the dust -- again.  As I've discussed before, I again find myself in the throws of Writers' Attention Deficit Disorder.  If I were more organized, less of a procrastinator and didn't have other responsibilities, I could do it all.  But, I am not organized and I am a procrastinator and do have a plethora of other responsibilities, so a decision must be made.  Problem being, I still don't know what that decision should be.  Perhaps it's time to break out the old Excel and create a schedule/spreadsheet breaking it all down.  I do love a good spreadsheet.

***Want to see where to find my newly accepted stories?  Check out my Published Works tab.  More information (including publishing dates) to follow!